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What's New on the Mall This Summer

The summer of 2024 is in full swing and the Mall has been buzzing! Visitors are enjoying our unique selection of shops, boutiques, restaurants, boutiques, ice cream parlors, sweet shops, galleries, activities, and more. As with every year, some businesses on the Mall do change, and this year is no different. This blog will explore some of the new businesses that have opened on the Mall, as well as other new things in the heart of Cape May.

Cape May Trading Post at Dellas - 501 Washington Street

Dellas 5&10 has evolved into the Cape May Trading Post at Dellas! It is a charming and eclectic store that embodies the classic essence of the Jersey Shore. It offers a wide variety of unique gifts, coastal apparel, and specialty products. A cafe is also located inside featuring coffee, snack items, ice cream, and more! Whether you're a local or a tourist, this shop provides an unforgettable shopping experience with its distinctive blend of old-world charm and modern coastal flair.

Cape May'd - 412 Washington Street

An elevated, modern retail shopping experience that is both surf-inspired and anchored in leisure, style, and travel. They chase and celebrate the adventures, and they want to help their customers to the same.

Little Cash and Clive - 323 Washington Street

Little Cash and Clive offers a curated selection of fun and stylish clothing and accessories for kids, embodying the same timeless charm and sophistication as its parent store, Cash and Clive.

Serafina Chic - down Liberty Way at 507 Washington Street

Serafina is Cape May’s newest eclectic boutique! They sell fine and designer jewelry, beach attire, handbags, scarves, clothing, and more. Be sure to stop in as you stroll the beautiful streets of Cape May!

Sunshine Daydream Boutique - 518 Washington Street

The store has a beachy bohemian vibe and carries a unique selection of jewelry, gifts, clothing, and accessories, including bridal accessories. They stand out with their affordable prices and a unique selection for customers of all ages. Stop by and you will experience that small town vibe with the personalized service you deserve!

Photo op spot at Washington and Perry Streets

A new spot for photo ops has been created on the Mall at Washington and Perry Streets! The spot features a bench and decorative seasonal landscaping. The branded backdrop is also changed out every season. Be sure to take your photos with it and tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we may feature you!

Lights wrapped around trees

The Mall has also been beautifully transformed with the addition of lights wrapped around the trees, creating a magical and inviting atmosphere. These lights not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Mall but also add a sense of warmth and charm, making it a perfect destination for evening strolls. The soft glow from the lights complements the historic charm of the area, providing a picturesque setting for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

There is so much to explore on the Washington Street Mall! We are always working to stay current and exciting, while also remembering that we are the heart of America's original seaside resort. We invite you to explore our picturesque town square and see why we are one of the region's most popular destinations.

We'll see you on the Mall!


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