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Map & FAQ

Figure out everything you need to know to enjoy unique shopping, dining, and more in America's Original Seaside Resort!

Mall Map:

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Interactive Area Map:

  • What are the hours of the Mall?
    The Mall itself is public space, and is therefore open 24/7/365. Individual business hours vary, but most businesses are open daily all summer long from mid-morning until past sunset, with bars staying open late. In the offseason, most businesses are open similar hours but may be closed on some weekdays. Around Christmas, businesses are typically open daily. Please visit the individual pages for each business from the Shopping, Food & Drink, and Activities & Services directory pages for updated general hours as reported by the business. Hours are always subject to change and may vary due to weather, staffing, and crowd conditions.
  • What is the address of the Mall?
    The Mall is actually the 300, 400, and 500 blocks of Washington Street, along with the adjoining portions of Carpenters Lane, Lyle Lane, Ocean Street, Decatur Street, and Jackson Street. The 300, 400, and 500 blocks of Washington Street are only open to pedestrian traffic, so if you are using a GPS, your best bet is to type in 401 Washington Street, Cape May, NJ, which will take you to the Mall's intersection with Jackson Street. From there, you can find parking and start enjoying the Mall!
  • Where can I park my vehicle?
    Expanded street parking is located on the streets that surround the Mall, including Carpenters Lane, Lyle Lane, and Mansion Street. Larger municipal parking lots are located on Jackson Street between Mansion Street and West Perry Street and at the Welcome Center off Lafayette Street. On street parking is available on other streets throughout the City. There are also a few private parking lots near the Mall that may be open. All parking options are within a short walking distance to the Mall. You can also park in areas of the City that may be further away from the Mall and take the City's free Jitney shuttle bus during the summer months (more on that below). Please read any signs near where you park for information on any necessary parking payments as well as potential time limits. More parking information can be found here.
  • Can I take public transportation to the Mall?
    The City of Cape May provides a free shuttle service known as the Jitney, that can take you from various areas around town to the Mall. View the latest route map, service schedule, and other information here. If traveling from out of town, NJ Transit busses stop at the Cape May Welcome Center, which is about a block off the Mall down Ocean Street. Use to find the best bus route from your location to the Welcome Center.
  • Where are the restrooms?
    Full service restrooms (also known as Comfort Stations in Cape May) are located on the 400 block of Lyle Lane at Decatur Street.
  • May I bring my pet to the Mall?
    As per Cape May City Code, except for properly documented and licensed service animals, no pets are allowed on the Washington Street, Sawyer Walk, Hill Walk, Liberty Way, or Draper Walk sections of the Mall.
  • May I use a bicycle, skateboard, or roller skates on the Mall?
    As per Cape May City Code, bicycles, skateboards, and roller skates are not allowed to be used on any part of the Mall. Numerous bicycle racks are located on streets surrounding the Mall.
  • May I smoke on the Mall?
    As per Cape May City Code, smoking in any form is not allowed on the Mall.
  • May I perform on the Mall?
    As per Cape May City Code, exhibitions featuring vocal and/or instrumental music, juggling, mime, magic, dance, drama, puppetry, comedy, acrobatics, circus acts (without animals), and similar nonhazardous activity are allowed but permits are required and restrictions apply. For more information, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions:

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