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Personalize A Washington Street Mall Brick

Strolling the Washington Street Mall has long been a great and memorable experience for tens of thousands of Cape May visitors and locals alike. Now, you can engrave those memories into one of the Mall's bricks! Personalize a brick with custom text, such as references to family, friends, Cape May vacations, memorials, shout-outs, and more. You can even add clip art or a custom logo. All proceeds will be used to enhance and maintain the uniqueness of the Mall.

Bricks will be placed in a lovely setting on the Mall. Once around 200 orders are reached, bricks will be ordered from the engraver (which has a long turnaround time) and then installed. Because of this, we are unable to pinpoint an exact time period for when your brick will be installed. This process will repeat itself each time around 200 orders are reached. These details are subject to change. You will receive an email noting the location of your brick (via the email address associated with your payment) once your brick is installed. Your patience is appreciated while waiting for the 200 orders to be reached, while waiting for your brick to be engraved, and while waiting for your brick to be installed.

Unforeseen delays from the engraving company have resulted in a delayed initial installation. Bricks ordered prior to February 24, 2023 will likely be installed in June 2023. Bricks ordered on or after February 24, 2023 will be installed in bulk lots of around 200, but no earlier than fall 2023. We apologize for the delay and we appreciate your patience.

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Visit the link at the button below to design, order, and pay for your brick. After entering your order details, you will automatically be directed to a PayPal payment page that accepts credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. The link at the button below also includes a paper order form, which you can mail to us with a check if you prefer.


Please note that the personalized bricks are well-made and designed to last for many years. However, the Mall makes no guarantee on the wear of the bricks and reserves the right to remove a personalized brick that becomes non-legible or damaged. The bricks are the property of the Washington Street Mall Management Company, Inc./the City of Cape May and cannot be removed by the person who placed the order once they are installed. Those ordering a personalized brick are responsible for making sure the personalization is correct when they submit their order. Personalized text is case sensitive, meaning that the text that you request is what is engraved, whether it is uppercase or lowercase. Personalized text will be screened for inappropriate content.

Questions should be directed to

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