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Mall Fall Photo Tour

Fall on the is truly a beautiful time of year in the heart of Cape May. Leaves change color and fall as our mild ocean breezes rustle them down our brick walkways. The presence of more clouds late in the days creates amazing colors to the sky, especially around sunset. Adding to this natural beauty, the Washington Street Mall Management Company, Inc., uses funds received from the special assessment on properties within the Washington Street Mall Business Improvement District to add a significant amount of décor and fall plantings all throughout the Mall. With all of this, autumn really is a special time of year in Cape May. Don't believe us? Well, we've created a fall photo tour that will surely change your mind:

The famous Cape May bell is perfect for a fall pic for the 'gram!
You can practically hear the leaves rustling down the Mall in this photo.
'Tis the season at Red Oak Trading.
Classic autumn in Cape May.
Décor - and cheese - to please!
How about this beautiful display on the 300 block?!
A different perspective.
Tisha's sure does know how to do flower boxes in the fall.
Just a great vibe from Good Scents!
Still some leaves on the trees...we're typically the last spot in NJ to lose them.
Lookin' good in the heart of Cape May.

We'll see you on the Mall this fall!


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