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Enjoy Music & The Mall This Summer

The City of Cape May is presenting 47 free concerts this summer just off the 400 block of Washington Street in Rotary Park! This means you have even more excuses to visit the Mall and enjoy our unique shopping, dining, and more.

Just like the Mall has something for everyone, so does this year's Music in the Park lineup. From some of Cape May's hottest local musicians and regional favorites such as The Bastard Sons of Captain Mey, Maddie Hogan, Ken Shiles and CiBon, and Cheezy & the Crackers, the lineup is sure to keep you entertained.

Music in Rotary Park is a Cape May tradition that has been happening for nearly five decades. Children and adults alike will often dance to the beat as the sun goes down and the music plays. Be sure to bring your own beach chair or blanket as benches in the Park are limited. The music begins at 7pm every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, June 24th through September 11th. Come early and/or stay late and explore the Mall's boutiques, gift shops, restaurants, candy stores, and ice cream shops.

Music will be cancelled if there is inclement weather.

The lineup is as follows:

Friday, June 24: The Outcrops

Saturday, June 25: Sweet Spot

Sunday, June 26: Indelible Groove

Monday, June 27: Maddie Hogan

Friday, July 1: L&G Live

Saturday, July 2: The Quixote Project

Sunday, July 3: Congress Street Brass Band

Monday, July 4: America's Sweethearts

Friday, July 8: The Squares

Saturday, July 9: The Cape May Diamonds

Sunday, July 10: Ken Shiles and CiBon

Monday, July 11: Geno White Trio

Friday, July 15: Jack Melton Swing Band

Saturday, July 16: Atley Moon & The Say Somethings

Sunday, July 17: Charlie Zahm & Friends

Monday, July 18: Matt Adams Trio

Friday, July 22: C. Lynne Smith

Saturday, July 23: Cape Shore Jazz Orchestra

Sunday, July 24: Andrew Moorer

Monday, July 25: The Fabulous Silver Wings

Friday, July 29: Danny Eyer

Saturday, July 30: Golden Eagle Community Band

Sunday, July 31: Tom Powdermaker Duo

Monday, August 1: Suite Inspiration

Friday, August 5: Amy Faden Duo

Saturday, August 6: The RPG Project

Sunday, August 7: Dion Paci

Monday, August 8: Lower Cape May Regional High School Summer Community Band

Friday, August 12: The Honeyhawks

Saturday, August 13: The Original Hobo Band

Sunday, August 14: Brooke DiCaro Duo

Monday, August 15: Blondage Rocks

Friday, August 19: The Capers

Saturday, August 20: Maura McKinney

Sunday, August 21: Gordon Vincent

Monday, August 22: The Bastard Sons of Captain Mey

Friday, August 26: Bluebone

Saturday, August 27: Amanda & Teddy

Sunday, August 28: Devin Lyn & Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Monday, August 29: Ken Shiles and CiBon

Friday, September 2: Cheezy & The Crackers

Saturday, September 3: Hannah Stone

Sunday, September 4: The John Walter Cape Community Band

Monday, September 5: Ryan Tennis Trio

Friday, September 9: The Capers

Saturday, September 10: The Usual Suspects

Sunday, September 11: The Wind Symphony



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