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Discover the Mall with Our Website!

With the record-breaking summer of 2021 now in the rearview mirror, we finally have some time to showcase our brand new website. This past spring, we totally rebuilt our website from the ground up. A new website was sorely needed, as our old website was severely outdated, not easy to navigate, and not representative of our brand of being the heart of America's original seaside resort. The project took about a month and a half and was complete by Mother's Day Weekend. The final product resulted in a comprehensive website that outlined all facets of the Mall and that showcased the fact that we are the heart of Cape May. In this blog post, we will showcase each page and how you can use the website to plan your visit and discover what you did not know about the Mall.

Our homepage is the first page everyone sees when they visit It features a slider feature front and center at the top that showcases current promotions, upcoming events, or other news that we want to feature. The rest of the homepage functions as a general introduction to the Mall and everything it has to offer, with enlarged blocks linking to popular pages. Towards the bottom are our latest Instagram posts, which allow visitors to easily see what is happening on the Mall. The homepage is meant to welcome everyone to the Washington Street Mall and attract people to actually visit the Mall.

The About page goes a little more in depth in detailing what the Washington Street Mall is, including its physical boundaries. There is also a brief history of the Mall, and an introduction to the Washington Street Mall Business Improvement District (BID). This includes the BID's meeting minutes and contact information.

Shopping Directory -

The Shopping directory page outlines all options for shopping on the Mall. Because of the large amount of shopping options, it is also divided into three subpages: Fashion & Accessories, Home Goods, and Specialty. Those looking for a store in a certain category can choose one of these subpages to narrow down their search and more easily find what may interest them.

Food & Drink Directory -

The Food & Drink directory page outlines all options for food and drink on the Mall.

Activities & Services Directory -

The Activities & Services directory page outlines all of the different activities and services offered on the Mall. On this and the other directory pages above, each business has a link to its own page with pictures and maybe some video along with their location, website, phone number, and a brief description. Businesses may also choose to have their hours added to the page, but many prefer that you contact them for their hours as they are subject to change due to weather, crowds, and staffing.

The Events page outlines any upcoming events that are scheduled to take place on or around the Washington Street Mall. This includes our famous sidewalk sales, summer concerts in Rotary Park, the Halloween Parade, and the Christmas Parade. Linked from this page, each event has its own page with pictures and maybe some video along with the date, time, location, and a brief description of the event.

Our Map & FAQ page features everything you need to know to enjoy the Mall. The Mall's map is located front and center and can easily be enlarged. Below the map are several frequently asked questions, such as parking information and restroom locations. This page is a must visit for first time visitors of the Mall, allowing them to plan a hassle-free visit.

If you are reading this, you found our blog! Officially known as "The Mall Messenger", it is the official blog of the heart of Cape May. You will find business spotlights, news, feature articles, and posts that go more in depth about upcoming events. New blog posts are published generally every three weeks.

Stuck at home and missing the Mall? You can plan your next visit while checking crowd conditions and the scenery by viewing two live webcams from Henry's Landmark Jewelers. Providing views of the 400 block, the webcams are linked from this page and are provided by

The release of our new website was timed well, as it went live during our 50th anniversary year. A new, modern website is a great way to celebrate a birthday! The website also debuted our new consistent branding, including colors and fonts that are being used on our social media accounts and will also be used in new signage and banners.

Our website is completely mobile friendly and can be viewed from any device, including phones and tablets. This allows you to be able to use it as guide via your mobile device while actually on the Mall. The top of all pages includes links to all main pages as well as a search bar. The search bar comes in particularly handy in instances such as when you may be looking for information on a particular business. You can search that business and easily navigate to its page. The bottom of all pages includes links to our social media accounts. It is also important to note that the website is updated constantly. Business changes, new features, and more are always being added to the website, allowing visitors to Cape May to always be in the know. Whether you are planning your Cape May vacation or you are a local and looking to do some shopping, our website is one of the best tools in Cape May. We hope you enjoy it.

We'll see you on the Mall!


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19 nov. 2021

Who do I get in touch with to see if our church could set up a table someplace on the mall during Hospitality day? We are selling memory jars for our Path Of Peace that happens Dec 22 through Dec 28th this year. Non profit-Presbyterian Church- little solar lights in pint jars we put on our corner atm Christmas.

George Swoyer
George Swoyer
21 nov. 2021
En réponse à

Please contact the Board of Directors at Thank you!

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