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2021 Fall Sidewalk Sale

The fall edition of our famous four day sidewalk sales is happening this September! Occurring twice annually, once in the spring and once in the Fall, our sidewalk sales are famous for some incredible deals from our Mall merchants. Most of the Mall's boutiques, gift shops, specialty stores, and other shopping options set up tables and displays on areas of the Mall in front on their storefront with a variety of specials featuring great savings on clothing, gifts, collectibles, jewelry, and more!

The specials will not just be on leftover summer merchandise (though there will be plenty of that too...and now is the time to prep for next summer). You can expect deals on fall and winter related items as well, such as Cape May crew neck sweatshirts, scarves, and sweatpants. There are savings to be had for everyone!

Our Fall Sidewalk Sale is also a great way to get started on some of that Christmas shopping. Yes, we said it...Christmas shopping. It is never too early to get start crossing off those wish lists. On the first day of the sale, there will be exactly 100 days until Christmas! If that isn't a sign to start your holiday shopping, we don't know what is. Plus, for the Cape May lover in your life, there will be plenty of souvenirs and other Cape May-related items on sale.

Our 2021 Fall Sidewalk Sale runs for four days from Thursday September 16th through Sunday 19th. Tables and displays will be set up along areas of the Mall from 9am to 7pm each day. Cape May is known for its stunning September weekends that are still just like summer! Warm temperatures, sunny skies, and refreshing breezes are common. This sounds like all the more reason to make your way to the heart of Cape May and take in the sales. In fact, why not make a whole weekend out of it? We have enough shopping, dining, and activities on the Mall to keep you busy and happy all weekend long! In addition to Cape May's many hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts, there are even some options for accommodations along the Mall. Check out our Activities & Services page if you are looking for a place to stay at the center of the sidewalk sales!

We'll see you on the Mall!


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Dec 31, 2021

Will there be a sidewalk sale in the Spring 2022? If so, what will the dates be?

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