Welcome to the Washington Street Mall

Cape May, NJ is the nation’s oldest seashore resort. The year-round population of Cape May is about 4,700, a number that has varied little for over a hundred years. That number can swell to more than 40,000 on some summer weekends. Cape May, also known as the Queen of the Seaside Resorts, distinguishes herself in many ways. We have the pristine beaches and all the amenities that make any seashore town lovely, but also our Victorian heritage – the result of a fire in 1878 which burnt much of the business district to the ground and resulted in a rich architectural history equal to none. In fact, in 1976 the entire city of Cape May was declared a National Historic Landmark. Possessing one of the country’s largest collections of 19th century framed buildings, Cape May is New Jersey’s jewel in the crown.

The Washington Street Mall, constructed as a three-block pedestrian concourse in 1972, received a facelift in June of 2008. You can leave you car in the driveway or parking lot and walk or ride your bike. The Washington Street Mall is comprised of small, independent shops, many of which are multi generational, family-owned. We’re a small town and proud of it, and we hope you come away thinking this is “your” town.

Meetings: We meet the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the City Hall Auditorium. All meetings are open to the public.

pdf 2012 Washington Street Mall Map