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506 Washington Street


Open daily 10am-8pm.

Kaleidoscope, opened in 2001, is a women's boutique with one aim - to bring a little beauty into your life and exorcise the tedious, boring and mundane. Let's start with our clothing, which is colorful, whimsical, and affordable. Our fashion hats are perfect for teas, Derby parties and weddings. You'll make a statement from moment you walk through the door. But hold on, we have practical sun hats as well to protect you from those UV rays.

Looking for something inspirational? We have books on angels, books on longevity, adult coloring books, and even a pictorial book dedicated to the French cat and the French dog. When you think of Kaleidoscope, think out of the box. Speaking of which, our box signs speak a language all their own. Picture a large chalkboard sign with an inspirational message for that empty wall. Or a small one for your office.

Our complete line of Natural Life gifts elevates something as practical as chip clips to an art. Colorful Boho headbands say, "Hey, having a bad hair day doesn't mean having a boring day". Natural Life car magnets, clips, air fresheners, and car charms make that daily commute just a little less tedious. So why be boring, when you can come to Kaleidoscope and shake those black, white and grey doldrums away.

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