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Just for Laughs

504 Washington Street


Open daily 10am-8pm.

Just For Laughs opened in 2010 when owners Susan, Barry, and Aaron saw that people loved our selection of Anne Taintor gifts in their other store, Kaleidoscope. When the opportunity came up to open a store with all funny things right next door, they said, "Hey, why not? There have to be other people like us with the same sixth sense of humor." If you want tasteful and politically correct, you've come to the wrong place. In Just For Laughs we cater to the irreverent, the sarcastic, the smart ass, the caustic, the silly and the childish. You're our kind of people.

If tee shirts with a message like, "There is absolutely no excuse for the way I'm about to behave" appeal to you, you've come to right place. Our crew and knee socks appeal to a certain kind of clientele - the kind that smiles and asks questions later. "F***k this Shit" and "Carpe the f***k out of this diem" are especially popular with the over 60 crowd. Looking for something to spice up the kitchen? Hot sauces like Colon Cleanser and Ass Blaster (sold complete with an out house gift box) will be a little sparkle in anyone's kitchen.

Why not throw in the kitchen towel as well? Who needs those boring tasteful Williams Sonoma kitchen towels when you can send a message like: "Cat hair is a condiment in our kitchen" or "Wine: How classy people get shitfaced".

Why does the bathroom have to be boring? We recommend hand sanitizers that make a statement like "Maybe you touched your genitals" hand sanitizer by Blue Q.
When you really want to impress dinner guests, hand them a glass of beer in our lovely "Boobies N Beer" beer glass. We promise, your guests will walk away with a lasting memory. So, if you're offended easily - stay away. If you need a laugh, come on down to Just For Laughs on the Washington Street Mall.

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