Good Scents

327 Carpenters Lane


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Good Scents has been in business since 1986, when the owner thought if would just be fun for the summer to have a shop. Clearly, she fell in love with retail and the products she was selling.

Over the years, Good Scents has changed locations, but never the diversity of items you'll find. We really do have something for everyone. We've always been proud to carry quality bath and body products, candles, and incense from around the world. When we choose our items for home decor, we try to find items you wouldn't find elsewhere. We want to show you something you haven't seen before!

That scent you recognize as "pure Good Scents" when you arrive is a conglomeration of all our open candles, incense, and other scented products. Believe us, if we could bottle and sell it, we would!

We are committed to providing the best products: hard to find music, jewelry to dazzle, and books to enjoy. Every year we grow and change. And you wouldn't have us any other way!