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A Place on Earth

526 Washington Street


Please contact for hours.

Summer Fling. Monkey Farts. Sex On The Beach.

Yeah, not the first names that you think of for handmade soaps. But nothing you do naked should be dull. Used to be soap was soap. The only time it gave you a thrill was when it was wet and slippery.

But put two curious artists in a studio with some fresh ingredients, a converted honey pot and a soap-making book and they'll make you something to get lathered up about.

Come by our store to take a peek at our unique bars, bombs, scrubs and lotion; all handmade, all fresh.

Once you've learned soaps & lotions can be clean, healthy and fun, there will be no turning back. It's a whole new world at A Place on Earth, a place that knows what feels best when you're naked.

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