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Mall Snow Photo Tour

It has been a snowy winter on the Mall! Due to our proximity to the warmer ocean, we typically do not see a lot of snow. In fact, when it snows in the East Coast's major cities, it is typically only rain here. However, this winter has been different. We saw a significant snowstorm just after New Year's Day, which dropped 8.2" of snow in the heart of Cape May, and a blizzard toward the end of January, which dropped 12.1" of snow with higher drifts. There have been a few other minor snowfalls and dustings as well. Even with the high snowfall amounts, it has been melting quickly and the City of Cape May Department of Public Works has done a phenomenal job keeping the Mall clear. Because of that, many of our stores and restaurants that are open year round have operated with little to no interruption, and crowds have been normal. One thing the crowds have enjoyed is the picturesque scenes that the snow has created in the heart of Cape May. Don't believe us? Well, we've created a snow photo tour that will prove us right:

"Who wants their picture taken?!?"
Celebrating 50 years all year long!
You get cold just looking at this.
Shoutout to the great workers at the City of Cape May Public Works for keeping the streets around the Mall clear!
That's a lot of snow.
Cash and Clive's building sure matches the scene...and check out those icicles!
A wintry Fins.
Some drifts during the blizzard were impossible to walk through!
"Is it time to turn the fountains on yet??"
No beach bums to be found during the blizzard.
No matter the season, ya gotta love the heart of Cape May!

Spring begins March 20th! We'll see you on the Mall!



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