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Cape May Holiday Events

It's cozy in Cape May this season! Even though the town is most famous for being America's original seaside resort with beautiful beaches and summertime fun, Christmas in Cape May is incredibly and increasingly popular. In fact, some business owners say that some of the busy days around Christmastime are busier than the busiest days of the summer. With a rich history and a unique setting and experience, Cape May shines bright during the holidays, with festive décor and exciting events. The Washington Street Mall hosts, sponsors, or supports several signature Cape May events each year that take place on or around the Mall. In addition, there are several other very popular events that occur in Cape May during the holidays. As a courtesy to both locals and those who will be visiting us, we've compiled the following list that outlines all of the events and activities happening in the City of Cape May this season:

Ongoing events and activities:

Feel free to click on each link for more detailed information. Please note that all events are subject to change and there may be some events that are not listed here. In addition to what is listed above, many of Cape May's food and drink establishments feature live music and other special activities. We encourage you to enjoy the holiday fun in Cape May and discover everything that we have to offer.

Cape May does Christmas right, and the Washington Street Mall is at the center of it all. Santa shops here, because we have over 60 unique boutiques and shops with something for everyone. Whether you are a local or in town to visit, when you shop small, you are investing in our community. Plus, enjoying our bars, restaurants, and activities is the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of the season.

We'll see you in Cape May!



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