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The Ugly Mug

426 Washington Street


Please contact for hours.

No trip to the shore is complete until you have indulged in all the fantastic food and drink the Ugly Mug has to offer. Find out for yourself why this is a local hotspot! Stop on in, grab a pint, and take a look up.
You may notice the many mugs suspended from the ceiling. Unique in Cape May, the mugs belong to members of the Ugly Mug Club. Each member has his own mug, as they did in the old days of Vaudeville and barbershop quartets. Deceased members of the club are honored by having their mugs hung facing the ocean. In September, members and guests gather together for a special event. Each receives a glass of beer and the one who blows the most foam out of the glass becomes the United States National Froth Blowing Champion. See a hundred year old tradition being preserved!

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