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Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard

512 Washington Street


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In 1917, a school teacher from York, PA named Archie Kohr purchased a locally made ice cream machine that was powered by a gasoline engine. He and his younger brothers, Elton and Lester, wanted to expand the dairy business they ran from the family's farm. The fresh homemade ice cream was a popular addition to the milk delivered door to door by the Kohr brothers' horse-drawn wagon. Sylvester Kohr, their uncle, urged the brothers to take their new machine and frozen dessert to the shore. Following his advice, the Kohr brothers set up a small booth on the bustling boardwalk of Coney Island in 1919. On their very first weekend, they sold more than 18,000 cones at a nickel each. They knew they were on to something great! To prevent the "Frozen Dessert" from melting too fast in the salt air at the beach, Archie, Elton, and Lester added eggs to the recipe which stiffened the product - it worked perfectly. Incorporating the improved recipe with the use of their new machine, they created a light and fluffy product that "tasted just like a custard" - the first and the Original frozen custard. Now, there are Kohr Bros.® stores in four states. Today, as in 1919, Kohr Bros.® Original Frozen Custard is lower in fat and sugar than ice cream. Archie Kohr's original recipe is still produced under the watchful eye of the Kohr family. We offer single flavors or twist combinations - from traditional vanilla and distinctive chocolate to our wide variety of real fruit and other delicious flavors. Kohr Bros.® Frozen Custard is the foundation for our shakes and malts, refreshing Cruisin' Smoothies®, scrumptious Snowstorms®, and
tempting sundaes.

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