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What You Need to Know About Visiting the Heart of Cape May During the Upcoming Movie Filming

The City of Cape May is hosting the filming of a major motion picture in Cape May, including at times on portions of the Washington Street Mall, beginning Sunday May 12 and continuing through Friday May 17. The merchants of the Washington Street Mall, the City of Cape May, and local residents are excited to be able to host this filming.

While there will be some temporary restrictions, we would like you to know that the Washington Street Mall will generally be open during this time, and we welcome you to enjoy our unique shopping, dining, and activities. Parking restrictions and temporary intermittent restrictions to vehicle and pedestrian access may result in visitors and local residents to have to park a bit further away from their destination and walk a bit, as well as wait for filming takes to be complete before passing through a specific area. On the Mall, filming is only expected to take place on the 300 blocks of Washington Street, Carpenters Lane, and Lyle Lane, as well as the adjoining portion of Perry Street. No filming is expected to take place anywhere else on the Mall.

Below, we outline some of the information pertaining to restrictions during the filming and provide information on how to enjoy the heart of Cape May during this time. Please note that due to the fluid nature of filming a movie, details are subject to change. Please always follow any signage you see posted as well as any direction from officials, such as police officers, City employees, or employees of the production company.

First off, no filming is expected to take place on Friday May 10 or Saturday May 11, which means there should be no restrictions to vehicle or pedestrian access. No special parking restrictions are expected on Friday May 10, Saturday May 11, and Friday May 17 (the exception being Mall merchant employees who park in the permit-only Bank Street Parking Lot will not be able to park there on Saturday May 11 or Friday May 17).

From Sunday May 12 through Thursday May 16, parking will not be permitted at the following areas:

  • Carpenters Lane from Jackson Street to Perry Street

  • Lyle Lane from Jackson Street to Perry Street

  • Mansion Street from Jackson Street to Perry Street

  • Perry Street from Beach Avenue to North Street

  • the Jackson Street Parking Lot

  • Chestnut Street

  • Congress Place from Perry Street to Congress Street

  • South Lafayette Street from Perry Street to Congress Street

  • Congress Street from Beach Avenue to South Lafayette Street

  • Beach Avenue from Decatur Street to Grant Street

  • the Bank Street Parking Lot

Filming may take place during any of these dates/times, resulting in intermittent temporary pedestrian restrictions:

  • Sunday May 12 from 9am to 9pm

  • Monday May 13 from 5am to 11pm

  • Tuesday May 14 at 7am to Wednesday May 15 at 1am

  • Wednesday May 15 at 8am to Thursday May 16 at 3am

  • Thursday May 16 at 4pm to Friday May 17 at 6am

  • Friday May 17 from 12pm to 8pm

Production assistants are expected to be stationed at any affected Mall businesses to hold any pedestrians until the filming of a take is complete. During these times, there may also be intermittent temporary restrictions to vehicle access. Intermittent traffic diversions are expected at the following locations:

  • Jackson Street and Carpenters Lane

  • Perry Street and Carpenters Lane

  • Perry Street and Mansion Street

  • Perry Street and South Lafayette Street

  • Beach Avenue and Perry Street

  • Beach Avenue and Jackson Street

  • Beach Avenue and Decatur Street

  • Beach Avenue and Congress Street

  • Beach Avenue and Windsor Avenue

Those who live in or are staying in any of these areas will always have access. Traffic control is coordinated by the Cape May Police Department.

Our recommendations:

  • Do not hesitate to change any plans you may have to visit the heart of Cape May! While there may be some disruptions, the majority of the Mall will generally be accessible.

  • If possible, park in locations east of Jackson Street toward Ocean Street and beyond. There are no special parking restrictions expected in these areas.

  • If you are visiting the Mall on the Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday of Mother's Day Weekend, utilize a free Jitney shuttle service being provided by the City of Cape May. This means you do not have to worry about finding a nearby parking spot. The Jitney will run from 4pm to 10pm on Friday and 10am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday, and will stop at the following locations: Download the Jitney Surfer app to view the location of the Jitney and alert drivers for a pickup.

    • Pittsburgh Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue

    • Pittsburgh Avenue and Cape May Avenue

    • Wilmington Avenue and New Jersey Avenue

    • Beach Avenue and Pittsburgh Avenue

    • Beach Avenue and Philadelphia Avenue

    • Beach Avenue and Madison Avenue

    • Beach Avenue and Howard Street

    • Beach Avenue and Gurney Street

    • Beach Avenue and Decatur Street

    • Beach Avenue and Perry Street

    • Beach Avenue and Patterson Avenue

    • Beach Avenue and Second Avenue

    • Broadway and Congress Street

    • West Perry Street and Perry Street

    • Jackson Street and Lafayette Street

    • Welcome Center (609 Lafayette Street)

    • Cape May City Hall FREE Parking Lot (643 Washington Street)

    • Cape May Elementary School FREE Parking Lot (921 Lafayette Street)

    • Kiwanis Park on Madison Avenue at Corgie Street

    • Michigan Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue

    • Indiana Avenue and Missouri Avenue

    • Massachusetts Avenue and Texas Avenue

Overall, it is important to know that while some disruptions are expected, the Washington Street Mall will be open for business. While we are excited to see the heart of Cape May on the big screen, we also welcome you to still come on out and enjoy our exciting town square, home to some of most unique shopping, dining, and activities in the region.

We'll see you on the Mall!

The area pictured here will generally be the most affected by the upcoming movie filming.


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